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Author RM Blake (Available Soon):

Stephen and Lily
Love Song Journals: Stephen and LilySo many of us face addiction, obsession and a drive of compulsion. These drives can create beauty as well as destroy. Lily, shackled with addiction, found her great love in Stephen a good-hearted man of individual drive. Their compulsion for each of other would bring great adventure to their love, while their drives in life would also demand times of separation. This is the story of a twenty-two year romance through life and death. It is colored by the fury creatures of Jasper and Muffy that became integral parts of this couples lives.
Joseph and Mickey
Love later in life can often be complicated. Relationships and history between each lover’s families can put a strain on love. The story of Joseph and Mickey is one of the beauty of finding someone with differences that actually balance and enhance each other’s life. This is also a tale of the tragedy of something beyond the control of lovers getting between them. Sometimes the combining of friends and family are just not compatible.


Erotic Reflections (Just Released!)

This book of erotica includes twenty-two stories, eleven told by a woman, eleven recalled by a man. Though mostly heterosexual tales, there are a few stories that blur such distinct lines. This collection has a diversity of ages, marital status and circumstances. Rather than filling these pages with a lot of lustful adjectives, there is an attempt at concentrating more on sexual frankness, colored with humor. The goal is to feed the voyeur, inspire sexual creativity as well as build health, honesty and respect in your sexual relations.

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These two companion novels mirror each other. Young Zoe approaches her favorite professor to help her further her education. She successfully persuades the doctor of creative writing to take her understanding of sex and human relations to a whole different level.Colin, like Zoe is also from a difficult background. In this book, his much older professor of philosophy approaches her promising student with continuing his education in her bedroom. Both professors have strict rules and a timetable for their student’s sexual education.Readers are invited along for this extra curricular education that goes not only into the details of sex and human anatomy, the openness and timing of these relations invites all four to deal with their past history and emotions going forward.

About RM Blake

RM Blake is a pen name, which keeps the author’s identity, age, race, gender and sexual preferences private.
RM is a collective voice of love, passion, empathy, and understanding.
The author wishes each reader to approach the author’s literature with an equally open mind.
That being said, RM would love to hear from you.
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